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No one ever thinks that they will find themselves involved in a lawsuit. However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that many people end up being a plaintiff or a defendant at some point, especially if they are in business. The lawyers of Wheatley Sopp, LLP have over twenty years of litigation experience and we are effective advocates for our clients. We seek to obtain the best possible resolution for our clients in the most economical manner.

In the area of Real Estate Litigation, we have earned strong reputations in the Sacramento and Foothills communities as tough but fair minded advocates. For years we have represented real estate agents of all the major brokerages in the region, as well as representing individual buyers and sellers, landlords, developers and builders.

With regard to business disputes, Wheatley Sopp, LLP goes the extra mile to gain comprehensive knowledge of all relevant aspects of your business before stepping into the courtroom or up to the arbitration table to press your representation diligently, forcefully and ethically.

We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of other legal actions including debt collection, contract disputes, easement disputes, fraud, construction litigation, homeowners association disputes and partnership dissolutions. We represent clients in private arbitrations and before the Contractors State License Board and Labor Commissioner.

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